When I was a kid, I would dress up with a big flowing scarf on my head,

pretending I had long hair. 

I would use a screwdriver as my microphone, I know, My imagination was so vivid.

living out my dream that I was singing in front of tons of people on a huge stage 

as a pop singer. 

It makes me giggle to remember those days.  I would lock myself in my room to listen to music, any music that inspired me - classical, jazz, English, American, Italian pop artists.

I couldn’t get enough! My dad bought me my first PA system was I turned 14. 

I sang my heart out! We would travel all over, trying to find someone to “discover” me.  At some point, always singing other people’s songs, I realized that I needed to “discover” myself. 

I began to experiment with my voice, techniques,

trying any new sound that came along.  But it wasn’t until I followed my own instincts and interpreted music my own way,

that I, Carmen, started to emerge.

At this same time, I was studying at the Conservatory of Music in Salerno, Italy. 

My free spirit, my passion for music, and my curiosity about life inspired me to combine all sorts of techniques. 

I was advised by one of my teachers that I would risk hurting my voice, but I was insatiable.  It was the fire and passion I felt when expressing myself authentically that energized me to continue.

I recorded my first EP with AM Production In Bologna Italy

called"Orizzonti", featuring 7 original songs.

I became aware that I needed to expand my worldview,

to grow, to create new experiences to feed my music

and to do this I needed to leave my beloved home. 

I went to England and I was bombarded with real life.

I was truly on my own here.  I found jazz musicians to play and sing with and my creativity began to flow. 

This was not an easy time for me and my writing and my music reflect that.  The sacrifices I made, the loneliness and the fear that I felt being far from home are all evident in my song “Good Night London” the ballad that

is part of my second EP "Since I’ve Left" which is also the title of the ballad that explains why I left home.

After 5 years I left England, exited about an another great adventure,

pushed into the American world!

Right now I live not to far from NYC where

I began a new chapter of my life and my musical journey .

Performing the first time in the vibrant city (The Bitter End)

was awesome and that was a dream that came through for me, also thanks to a course of artist development with Cari Cole

which guided me through new horizons. It made me work on different aspects of being a singer

and gave me the opportunity to have more faith in me as an artist, I learned to give myself permission to fail or succeed, that it's ok to be vulnerable… 

Since I arrived in the US I felt very inspired and spent

most of my time writing new lyrics

always inspired by personal experience, by life seen with a magical touch of poetry with no specific rules

I am determined and starving of life & music like I never been before, always keeping the right mindset to keep me going….

After being a full time mom of 2 beautiful girls for 5 years my drawer of dreams  opened up again giving birth to "ROOTS"

A ballad that expresses the desire to find oneself, to find roots wherever they are, a ballad of love, faith, hope, to rise from the dust of doubts and of what was buried in the carpet of memories.

I hope it will inspire many of you...




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