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With music as the oxygen that fills her lungs, New York-based singer, performer and recording artist Carmen Pascucci's passion radiates from the melodic soundscapes of her creative mind. She traveled across Italy, UK & USA bringing with her the determination of always creating a meaningful song everywhere she went.

After 25 years spent soul searching for her signature sound, Carmen is intent on creating music that is not just listened to, but heard on a deeper, more intimate level.

Having spent time living in Switzerland, Italy and the U.K by the age of 22, Carmen's diverse upbringing across Europe inevitably shaped what is now her versatile sound. Always in her own “magical world” as a child, her bedroom served as the imaginary stage. From the bedroom to the stage, Carmen's years of dedication to her craft is beginning to manifest its childhood dream into a reality.

Carmen Pascucci's take on Pop music is home to a mesmerizingly wholesome, beautifully delivered sound that sits perfectly alongside her heartfelt vocals. She effortlessly translates feelings through the enchanting powers of her voice and captivating choice of lyrics, with this musical poetry allowing Carmen the opportunity to freely express herself, her individuality and most importantly, inspire her listeners.

Having recently gained both media attention and 10s of thousands of online streams, fans will be delighted to hear the news of Carmen Pascucci's next single. A divine encapsulation of her talents, 'When You Come Along', which is a collaboration with Braev, out from 13th of November.



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