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An Artist is a great dreamer but it's from reality that creates a world of emotions with songs. Smiles and tears which then pass through the soul of the listener...It's my calling to express the crazy beauty of life into songs and is the most amazing thing

When you find who you are, stay where you are...

When I write lyrics about myself for a potential song it’s so special to me, it’s a story, it’s a journey into self discovery, but then it’s not just about me, but about everybody else...

Being creative means that you need  to get comfortable in your authentic skin and give up the need for approval. If approval comes is happily welcome and wonderfully appreciate it, pushes you to do more, but if it doesn’t come I personally wanna be in peace with the fact that despite what other people might think of me or my art I’m worth it anyway and I’m loved.

Trust yourself, find your voice, find your purpose

Artists are messengers of feelings, there is a fire inside every artist, no matter how big or small, no matter how famous or not famous.

Let that fire out, if you feel the urge of communicate let that flame shine in and out of you, burning high until everybody sees it!

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